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What a Boar! (Boar with lamp) - Century Boar Lamp Light by Marcantonio

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  • Material: White painted plastic resin.
    • 50 wide x 60 deep x 51 height
    • Made in Italy
    • Ships From: Beverly Hills, CA
"What a Boar!", the bored Boar who destroyed a brass chandelier and still squeezes the pieces between its teeth. The sculpture is totally handmade, with the techniques of classical sculpture, first in clay then molded and finally reproduced and retouched.

I wanted to add to my sculpture this antique chandelier's arms to make it more exclusive and special, both for the brass components value and for the difficulty of the sculpture process that must be entirely done by hand around the pieces of the chandelier.

This Limited Edition comes to you with an Authenticity Certificate, signed by Marcantonio.


After attending the Academy of Fine Arts, Marcantonio started creating unique pieces of design enriching them with artistic concepts. Connections between Man and Nature are his favorite theme, interpreting both the dynamics and beauty of them.

"I never give up irony; irony is a serious matter. If a good idea is even fun, I cannot resist to realize it".