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Grampa's pride & joy was his weed puller!

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For decades it was very popular in the Northwest of America because its simple ingenious design allowed gardeners to easily pull weeds and their roots without bending, pulling or kneeling!

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🍂🍂Saving Your back, Easily Remove Weeds Without Bending, Pulling, or Kneeling
It’s a blessing to all who like their weeding easy.

Simply position the two gripping prongs over the weed, press into the ground, and then “lean” the long handle in the direction of the footpad lever.
Out comes the weed, root and all. 

Steel gripping prongs and foot lever make this weed puller a lifetime tool that you can count on to provide a great value. The wooden handle is 39” in length and will provide many years of use on the toughest weeds if properly maintained.
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  • Ergonomic: 39"L handle saves your back and knees by eliminating the need to kneel or bend repetitively
  • Easy to Use: Thrust the metal claw into the center of the weed and tilt the handle to pry the weed out
  • All Natural: Controls weeds without the use of chemicals, so it's safe for use around kids and animals
  • Durable: Hand-cast steel head is powder-coated to stand up to hard use
  • Lifetime Guarantee: The simple lever design and durable construction of Grampa's weeder are the reasons it has a lifetime guarantee


  • Metal foot pedals make it easier to push the tines or claws into the soil.
  • Weed-release systems prevent seeds from being strewn across the yard and causing more weeds to grow.
  • Serrated claws firmly grasp onto weeds to extract them.


Product Weight: 1050k

Package Size: 50*18*4 inches

Package Contents: Weed Puller Tool x 1【wooden handle is 39” in length】

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