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Brachiosaurus Towel Hook

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You know Mr. Brachiosaurus... super long neck dinosaur, that was quite the leaf eater in his day? And did you also know he was quite neat and tidey as well? He is the perfect addition to a childs bath, bedroom, or playroom. He does a fine job at keeping towels, jackets, and bookbags in check. This dinosaur hook holder is all hand cut, finished in the color of your choice, distressed and completed with three large sturdy hooks, shown here in Matte Black.

Size: 15 H x 27 W x 3 D

Features two keyholes in the back, for sturdy support and simple hanging.

Mr. Brachiosaurus, oh so perfect towel, coat or bag hook.

Brachiosaurus Towel Hook - Haven America


After attending the Academy of Fine Arts, Marcantonio started creating unique pieces of design enriching them with artistic concepts. Connections between Man and Nature are his favorite theme, interpreting both the dynamics and beauty of them.

"I never give up irony; irony is a serious matter. If a good idea is even fun, I cannot resist to realize it".