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Giraffe In Love Wall Lamp, designed by Marcantonio, is a giraffe neck that holds a classic Marie-Thérèse style chandelier, in a wall version that allows bringing irony and lightness in every living space. It comes equipped with a metal support to be hanged on your walls.


Sherwood is an impressive deer whose antlers become chandeliers decorated with crystals and pendants.

The strong natural energy of the animal is immortalized by Marcantonio who imagines the deer moving proudly in a forest creating, thanks to its mighty luminous horns, magical glows in the night, as if it were a guide to follow.

In this dreamlike universe between fantasy and reality Sherwood becomes the protagonist of indoor and outdoor spaces.


Marcantonio, born '76. He attended the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts.

Soon he started to create unique design pieces while working on an Artistic production. Step by step the two careers began to contaminate each other and his design gets enriched with artistic concepts.

Since 2001 he has been realizing sculptures, art objects and design projects.

The connections between Man and Nature are his favorite topic, with his original interpretation of Nature’s dynamics and beauties showing Man’s attitude to alter the original.

He learned from Art how an idea can be elegant, which is why he is always looking for pure and synthetic concepts.

 "I never give up irony, irony is a serious thing. If a good idea is also funny, I can't resist to realize it"

He loves the idea that his job is a continuation of what he used to do when he was a child: to play around with anything he found and to create what his mind imagined.